Dear visitors,

AEGRAFELX means “Accociation Europeenne des Graveurs et des Flexographes” and that is what it inculdes: An insitution, that is active for the entire marking industry in Eurpoe, together with the verous national associations of engravers and flexographers.
This page is aimed at companies of marking and labeling industry – engravers, Flexographers, stamp and sign makers – as well as to professional journalist and die interested public. We offer informations about the engraving industry, Flexographers, stamp and sign makers and all other players in the “marking industry”.

Our Main-Objectives:

– Preservation of our profession by buliding and europen interest group
– Strengthening the sense of unity in our business sector
– Member-Informations
– Offering a Forum for cummunication and discussions

AEGRAFLEX was found 1966 by a small groupof engravers and flexographers from differend coutries, with the aim of sharing professional experience and knowledge. In addition,
a close collaboration between flexographers, engravers and there supplieres as well as the promotion of our industry was added to our objectives.
Since 1975, AEGRAFLEX is officially registered as non-profit-organisation in the Commercial Register of Amsterdam / NL.

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